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For some Universities in Europe, only the GRE Quant score suffices

Kanishk Mallick is currently working at a leading corporate house in Pune. He joined GREedge for the FTQ (Fast Track Quant) program for just 20 days and scored 780 out of 800 in GRE quant. Kanishk will mostly get a funding for his MS program from the University he plans to join.

According to Saranya Subramanian, his Student Facilitator and Analyst (SFA): “Kanishk was regular, serious and systematic. He finished all his sessions on time, and put in significant effort for improvement. Before enrolling with us he could score only around 550-600, but in just 20 days he managed to boost his score by 200 points which is really a remarkable feat. Such students make us proud :)”

Abhishek Sengupta of GREedge catches up with a visibly elated Kanishk talks about his target, preparation and GREedge.com

Abhishek: Kanishk, first of all a huge congrats to you for your success in GRE!

Kanishk: Thanks a lot!

kanish on Cloud 9

kanish on Cloud 9

Abhishek: Did your score meet up to your expectation. What score were you targeting?

Kanishk: Actually I came to know about a university in Europe which requires only the GRE quant score.So I was targeting a high score in the quantitative section as that would have entitled me for funding – I didn’t care how much I got on Verbal, so I signed up for your Fast Track Quant (FTQ) program. Now that I have managed to get 780, I will mostly get a scholarship.  So I am very much satisfied!!

Abhishek: How do you feel about GREedge.com and the service provided to you?

Kanishk: I am really very satisfied with the service that I got from GREedge.com. The best part is that it makes the candidate prepare for the GRE in a very systematic way. I did some amount of preparation from other sources and materials, but while preparing from GREedge.com, I felt that the standard of the questions were much better than the other sources available.

I was also helped in writing my SOP and Abhirupa guided me on that. The day before the exam Yogish helped me with the tricks for handling AWA.  The unlimited tests were really great. But the biggest differentiating factor is the superb guidance from my SFA, Saranya!

Abhishek: So tell us  something about how Saranya helped you prepare?

Kanishk: I am really satisfied with my SFA  Saranya. The way she guided me and helped me was really good. Whenever I called her or messaged her, she responded and clarified all my doubts.

On time crunch and being employed…

AbhishekKanishk, you are an employed person. I understand you must be under immense work pressure, then how did you manage time for your GRE preparation?

Kanishk: You’re right, Abhishek. My office hours were from 9:30 am – 6:30 pm. As I don’t have Internet access at home, I used to stay back at my office till 8:30pm and prepare. So I put in around 2 hours a day for my preparation for about three weeks.

Abhishek: What was the reaction of your family and friends after knowing your GRE score?

Kanishk: They were happy knowing my quant score. As you know, my focus was mainly on the quant section, so my verbal score wasn’t great. Still, it doesn’t make any difference to me, because my university only requires a high quant score! [laughs]

AbhishekWould you like to recommend any changes in the current modules and questions?

Kanishk: Actually, everything is almost perfect. Well, if I have to give some suggestions for improvement, it would include increasing the number of worded problems, some more tricks and tactics, etc. Probably a chapter summary at the end.
On GREedge.com

Abhishek: Your on – the-spot thought on GREedge.com?

Kanishk: GREedge.com is innovative and very good. As I enrolled for the quant program only, I can’t really say anything about the verbal section, but my belief is it will be as good as the quant section.

Abhishek: Would you recommend GREedge.com to your friends?

Kanishk: I will definitely recommend GREedge.com to my friends…that goes without saying!! [laughs]

Abhishek: Thank you Kanishk for your valuable time… we wish you all the best with your academic pursuits. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help in future.

Kanishk: Thank you!!!