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This is an  interview with a student of Shalu Gupta, a working professional who got a score of 700 in GRE verbal. This interview is taken on a conversational mode, where G refers to and S refers to Shalu.

G: “ Shalu , You are the second highest score getter from in the verbal section, how does it feel??”
S: “ Obviously it feels great to get such a score…I was expecting over 600, but getting 700 was too good!!”

G: “ When did you actually start preparing for GRE?”
S: “ I joined in March, 3 months before my GRE. Before that I was preparing from Barron’s and Kaplan’s…but there was no focus.

G: “ Ideally how much time did you spend per day for preparing??”

S: “ I was already working when I planned for GRE. So finding time was always a task for me. My office hours were from 9:30 am to 6:30pm. At times I had to stay back till 9:00pm…as a software developer my job included continuous involvement with my work…but I managed to steal some time from my work and took at least 2 sessions from After coming back home I spent at least 2 hours time for preparation. So in total I think I had spent 4 hours per day.”

G: “ How did you tackle the word list for GRE…its quite long…what was your strategy?”
S: “ I had finished the word list from Barron’s before I started on with Then the Word Bank from was also a useful material. It acted as a refresher for me…apart from this I had a vocab software which taught the words through both audio and visual materials…all these helped me in developing a satisfactory vocabulary.”

G: “ How useful were the feedbacks(GMCs) given to you by GREedge?”
S: “ The GMCs given by my SFA (student facilitator and Analyst) acted as a performance tracker for me. His useful tips on honing my skills, his analysis of the error types in me and the remedies provided helped me to achieve such a level where I became less prone to errors. He also boosted my moral and gave me confidence during the days when GRE was closing in…I feel that the feedbacks too played a pivotal role in determining my score.”

G: “ What was the response from your friends after they heard of your GRE score..?”
S: “ My friends were like..’ oh my did you do that??’ …they were also curious to know about my study style and the materials that I followed…”

G: “ After this stupendous success, are you going to refer to some of your friends?”
S: “ I have already done so and will keep on doing so…I have felt the difference with and I want my friends to feel the same…Thanks a lot”

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