GRE Study Plan

Take a deep breath. Relax. Feel better now? Good. If you’re still stressing about the exam, don’t worry, once you make a GRE study plan and start preparation, you’ll feel the anxiety melt away. One of the hardest parts of studying for the GRE is getting started, so a study plan will set you in the right direction.

Make Your GRE Study Plan Specific

Write down when, where, and what you are going to study for the GRE. Just telling yourself you’re going to study whenever you have free time isn’t enough–you’ll end up procrastinating! You need to make a specific study plan, and make GRE preparation a part of your weekly (or daily) routine. It might seem difficult at first, but keep at it, and GRE prep will come natural to you.

Try not to study too much at one time. Your brain can only absorb so much information in one sitting. If you study for too long, it’s more likely you’ll forget what you’ve just studied.

Remember, make your GRE study plan as specific as possible, and stick with it! offers a dedicated personal coach who will prepare a personalized study plan based on your needs. You can also participate in designing your study plan to meet your stated objectives.