GRE Scores explained

The most important part of the GRE? Your score. You’ll receive a score from 200 to 800 on Verbal, a score from 200 to 800 on Quantitative, and a score from 1 to 6 on Analytical Writing.

GRE Verbal And Quantitative Scores

For the GRE Verbal and Quantitative sections, you will receive a score from 200 to 800. Your score depends on how many questions you answer correctly and the level of difficulty the questions are.

GRE Analytical Writing Score

The GRE Writing section is scored holistically, which means you will receive a score from 1-6 for each essay, Perspective and Analysis.

Each essay is scored by two trained readers. If there is more than a one-point difference between the two readers’ scores, then a third reader will grade your essay, and your score for that essay will be the average of the two highest scores. The same grading process is followed for your second essay.

GRE Percentile Scores

In addition to scaled scores, you will also receive GRE percentile scores (0-99th) for each. Percentiles show how you compare to other GRE test-takers over the past three years. Percentiles are equally important to admission committees, because they provide another way to gauge your academic performance.

Summing Up

In short, you will receive one score (200-800) for Verbal, one score (200-800) for Quantitative, and one score for Analytical Writing.