GRE Score Percentile and why it’s Important

GRE score percentile is important to graduate admission committees so it’s in your best interest to find out what percentile is and what you should be striving for.

What is GRE score percentile?

GRE score percentile is used to compare you to the rest of GRE test-taking population. For example, if you scored in the 90th percentile, then you scored better than 90 percent of test-takers. The highest percentile you can possible have is 99th percentile since you are part of the testing population and so it’s impossible to score better than everyone in the test-taking population.

What are good GRE score percentile marks?

Average percentile is 50th percentile. The best of the best score above 90th percentile while the worst score below 50th. A 500 on a GRE section is about 50th percentile. A score above 700 on the GRE Verbal section could put you above 90th percentile while a 790 on the GRE Quantitative section might put you around 90th or below.

Students generally don’t score equally high on all sections of the GRE, so your primary goal should be to score high on the section that most relates to your field, and then work on the rest.

Why does GRE score percentile matter?

Percentile adds meaning to GRE scores. It provides a way for admission committees to evaluate your potential as well as how you measure up against other applicants.