How to Improve GRE Quantitative Score?

To raise your GRE quantitative score, you need to practice quantitative problems. The more problems you do, the better it is for your GRE score. It might seem difficult at first, but like most things, with practice, the GRE Quantitative section will begin to seem easier.

How to Start Quantitative Practice

One of the hardest parts of GRE preparation is getting started. You always have to figure out what to study and how to study it. Start by taking a couple of full GRE quantitative sections. You can find real quantitative sections in books like the ETS GRE Book. Correct both sections. Don’t worry if you score low. A low score just means you have room for improvement. offers QUANT MASTER a complete guide for the quantitative section.

Learn from Your Mistakes

After you’ve taken and corrected a couple of GRE quantitative sections, it’s time to learn from your mistakes. Take note of the types of questions you missed. Try to find a common theme. Are they mostly quantitative comparison? Mostly geometry? Word problems? Algebra?

Once you’ve identified your weak area(s), focus more on that section. Look for practice problems that you’re more likely to have difficulty solving and try to solve them. If you can’t do the problem, find out how. If you got the wrong answer, figure out why.

A common mistake is to correct a Quantitative section without even looking over it. Don’t be common. You have to understand why you missed a question. If you make and then understand a mistake during GRE preparation, it’s less likely you’ll make the same mistake on test day. Less mistakes on test day mean a higher GRE score!

Don’t Limit Your Possibilities

Strive to be perfect. It’s the only way you’ll really know the score you deserve on the Quantitative section. It’s okay to set mini-goals for yourself like try to improve by 50 points or more in a month, but try not to be satisfied too easily. If you’re not consistently scoring 800 on your practice tests, then there’s still room for improvement.

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