GREedge.com is India’s first Online Academy that provides personalized coaching and training to boost your GRE scores. It is powered by “Millisecond” the score booster technology and by subject matter experts who personally teach and improve your potential to score.

We have created an exclusive and comprehensive set of GRE preparation programs for busy students and working professionals like you.  These programs provide the convenience and flexibility you need to fit GRE preparation into your daily schedule.

At the core of GREedge.com’s delivery methodology is the state-of-the-art Score Booster technology.

Millisecond - the score booster technology

Millisecond - the score booster technology

Having designed and tested the Score Booster technology for several years, GREedge.com has built a unique teaching – learning methodology and student experience around this technology. This includes the best features of conventional classroom education coupled with advanced e-learning management techniques.

How will you benefit?

Anytime, anywhere convenience – (Online sessions) classes  powered by an adaptive learning platform that continuously measures your learning pattern and helps the experts customize your program according to your needs

Dedicated Personal coach assigned to you – GREedge.com  leverages technology to bring the brightest, most experienced teachers to personally coach you. Until recently the best teachers were still confined to one classroom or to one locality now they are available online anytime and anywhere.

GREedge.com draws from its expertise in the design of curriculum, the technology platform, and the allied education service processes that make up the total teaching-learning experience.

Students from various institutions have studied at GREedge.com during the formative years, based on extensive research and user feedback we can claim that the program content and teaching pedagogy have been refined to be appropriate to help you BOOST YOUR SCORE

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